Friday, April 16, 2010


photo cred : Elle
                Lili Orellana sports the ultimate laid back /ultra sexy boyfriend shirt gone boho chic. I'm sure you want to try this at home. Make sure the button down boyfriend shirt you use, is at least 2 sizes up. Accessorizing with a skinny belt works and so does a crotched medium size belt, or even medium sized brown leather belt. It's best to always add a belt when rocking Boyfriend shirts as a dress. Here's the real shocker, you can turn  it up with high heel sandals. Adds flavor to it.  Make it colorful . Bohemian style consists of showing the different complimentary ranges of the color palette.

Give Your Boyfriend Shirt a try as a shirt dress. i think you'll love it .


  1. If you really want a perfect boyfriend shirt get one made to measure at

  2. Thank you Dan ! We'll definitely check out

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