Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sophie Mueller, I PHOTOG

Who shot ya Miss Adu?  The Silver Bronze effect of this album cover is too electric for words. But, I dae try sha. Give me flower, give me color, give me sunflower. Sade is a breadth of fresh air and the photographer just made album cover history. The genius responsible for clicking the release button on her camera ,at the perfect moment goes by Mueller, Sophie Mueller, I PHOTOG. By day she is a very successful video director and  has directed videos for No Doubt, Garbage , ( yup, that's Gavin Rossdale's band, Mr. Gwen Stefani ) , Annie Lennox, Eurythmics and many more. We seriously heart this. 

 "Baby Love" is the next single off Sade's Soldier of Love album .And mental note: May 4th is the official release date for the Official Music video at the very center of this artistically inspiring cover.

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