Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ijinle Collection by WeWe Clothing

I love Africa and I am super happy Ankara is making a comeback and a fierce one at that. WeWe Clothing, a relatively young fashion house, specializing in bohemian clothing for the most precious in every society, the WeWe's pronounced " weh-weh", a yoruba term meaning " Little Ones" , has just unveiled its long anticipated collection, the Ijinle Collection which means " roots " . Wow, if this is what it means to be chic, afrocentric chic, then we are in good company.

What I love about this line is head designer/owner Folake Kuye Huntoon's immense love for designing precious, unique, African-inspired line, any fashion forward parent would undoubtedly want their "pekin", (means "small child" in pidgin english)/child to be seen in .

Skip the daily Target routine, and opt for at least one WeWe Clothing  item for your son , daughter, niece, or nephew and within 24 hours , he or she will be branded fashion icon by his or her peers.
WeWe's clientele include actress Marcia Cross, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry , and ofcourse every other cool mom who knows what it really means to pass on their awesome style 6th sense to their children.

Ijinle Collection consists of harem pants, colorful tunics, Kimono dresses, and ofcourse some basic Tee's for your WeWe. The most cool part, Ijinle collection is recession friendly . For under $20 you can add a WeWe Clothing design to your son or daughter's closet .

 Ijinle collection consists of timeless designs, made with the best materials . Your son or daughter can pass it on to his or her younger siblings. MAKEUNATELLAM strongly recommends shopping WeWe Clothing. Your "weh-weh" will thank you for it .

Lanre Harem Pants $19.99/V-Neck tee $9.99

Shade Tie Dye Tunic $17.99
loving the bow details of the tights as well .

Ameenah Kimono Dress $31.99

Ameenah Tie Dye Kimono. $31.99

Lanre Harem Pants

Kemmy Butterfly Top $17.99/pink Lanre Harem Pants $19.99

Black Femi Pyramid Tunic $19.99 also available in red.

Kemmy Butterfly Tops $17.99

Okay cool parents. This has been a lovely MakeUnaTellAm moment.

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