Sunday, April 18, 2010


photo cred: lookbook  

I rocked  an ensemble very similar to this, except I added a grey blazer. 

How much more flirty can it get with this. This is boyish chic. Totally give her two mad THUMBS up for the inclusion of the Louis Vuitton vintage belt. Ladies, this is how you can flip a relatively simple casual style into the Fabulousity lane. No one will question your  boho style intution.

I am regretting not going to the Melrose flea market right now. Great finds. Met shoedesigner Kenneth Cole there , Winona Ryder, Eva from America's Next Top Model, Helena Christensen, and many more. These designers , models we love to adore,  draw inspiration from the universal well of organic creativity. Los Angeles is a hypnotic town .

This is definitely Style We Heart .

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