Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MUXO by Camilla Alves

Yes, Matthew McConaughey's baby mama and live in girlfriend is a hand bag deisgner and darn good at it!MUXO translates to " Goddess of the Water" . According to Camilla she drew inspiration for the line based on her bi-coastal lifestyle. Frequently shuttling from New York to Brazil, of course California. MUXO has got to be the most down to earth handbag line, in the market at the moment.

The name selection for MUXO handbags hold personal meaning to Camilla.They are named after places she frequents on both sides of the coast. I love it.

While shopping at Muxo for your handbags , be prepared to enjoy the urbanesque feel to the names given to each bag. The names range from " Paulista's little sister", "Gramercy"," Little West 12th", "Midtown" etc. Awesome line. Always been a great fan of embossed leather. Very creative. I love the use of color. The Oxum pieces are especially fantastic.

These handbags are one of a kind, personally made by Camilla and her mother, Multo Abrigado.No assembly line employed to make these bags. They are all one of a kind.

It's a comprehensive collection which includes lots of colors, stamped &embossed leather, fringes, whip stitching and of course fanciful braiding .

Boho Chic for sure.

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