Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Beer"- Claudia's Prenatal Treat.

Beer. Or as the Germans would say Bier. Super , super model  Claudia Schiffer and her British film director hubby Matthew Vaughn are expecting their 3rd child this May.  So, fret not, she's gone through pregnancy twice already. Yes, Claudia! Super model mama!! craves ein Bier. " Bitte, Kann Ich ein Bier , haben? " [ Can I Please Have a Beer?] Must be a familiar request at the Schiffer-Vaughn residence. Before, you completely stop reading this article in disgust, we confess, Claudia does drink beer, it just happens to be the non-alcoholic beer she craves.  still a Supermodel ;-)

Claudia in Pucci

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