Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introducing Zeric

Call him Zeric. Señor Armenteros , as I like to call him . Bless the day , I just happened to be skimming through an extensive album of  famous photographer, "Sir Springfield" . By divine chance I laid eyes on the most handsome man ever to roam this earth. an immortal in the land of the mortal. Cuban concoction, raised in Miami, Zeric was born to be in the public eye. A Latin god.
Editing is what I love and this time around for Zeric, I had to tell myself , To simply start the pro!cess. This is one hot man. ' Every photograph of his translated to organic hotness, rawness reminiscent of  bad boys like Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Prince . I loved  his portfolio. Wanna see the most beautiful star? Take a look at Zeric.
Zeric SeymorArmenteros
Born to a Pinal Del Rio Cuban Miami native, Zeric hails from the "305" area code. Miami. The land of the most gorgeous.    Zeric is the ultimate bad boy.
Mr.  "Too Hot For TV" Armenteros.  Model royality.
When I look at him, I think of the ultimate, raw bad boys club consisting of  James Dean , Lenny Kravitz, Jimmi Hendrix, Elvis Presley,  YES, men who constantly redefine what it means to be bad and so FINE in the process. We definitely want to see more Zeric.
Currently signed to RedModel Management NYC and also cast member of  Centric TV's ModelCity, a television reality series about the lives of the exclusuive  Elite African-American/Latino  models in high fashion. Zeric is a model to watch out for. 
photographed by Tarrice Love /Invisible Men Project

A self-proclaimed art lover,  a Music Lover,  Zeric seems to cover every aspect of   fabulous life of a supermodel. A man  naturally endowed with an nstinct for success in every genre of art. . Zeric's first dabble in the modeling world, faithfully started when Zeric, offered to be featured on a friend's party flier. The rest is history. They say "a journey of a 10,000 miles starts with one step "
We love Señor Armenteros


  1. I see the beauty of the universe in his pics ESPECIALLY Tarrice Love's pic pic of him :)


  2. WhERe CAN I MEET HIM?!!!! LOVE!!!

  3. I've never seen a gay man that looks like this!!!! This is proof that the world around us REALLy has changed......dramatically. I'm a straight guy and even I think Zeric would be cool to be friends with!!! And what do ya know? He's got good looks....Just like me!!!!

  4. Big Thanks for the Comments. Zeric is an amazing person. Amazing, FUN and comical, so you are on to something there, He is super cool:)

  5. Ahh the self-hating Zeric. Only likes white cock. lmao

    1. Nubian, maybe next time he'll pick your black violin but, you can only get this mission accomplished with love.


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