Friday, March 26, 2010


I love Spool. No 72. I can tell you besides Urban Outfitters I have never seen a store this awesome.  They cater exclusively to the online community , meaning there is no ground store. Oh my, my , I love their tees, their baby doll dresses, their jewelry line. It's unique enough for me. They carry  Small through Extra Large on their items. Spool No 72 is a store for every woman.  I simply love Spool No. 72.  This double layered   Vantage Skirt is the purrfect substitute for a skirt Rhianna  rocked a couple of posts ago. Spool No. 72 is a rustic, native inspired apparel/accessories line. And MakeUnaTellam is getting you hip to this awesomery situation. 

she's a beauty!
perfect for jeans, slacks, even spandex pants if u have the right one

100% raw silk
Perfect for sunny los angeles weather.

I love the crotchet back details.

Italian Leather

This is a lovely MakeUnaTellAm moment. such beautiful pieces . I mean GORG!!!!

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