Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mr. Collins. Mr. Avant Garde

Emmy Collins Boyfriend shirt

It took me a while to write about this designer thanks to his extensive collection of loveliness. Emmy Collins is a UK based designer known for his flamboyance in the world of fashion . His line has something for men and women. And if you are truly fashion conscious, then Emmy Collins London is a fashion label you should always think of  when you want to be bold, sexy and avant garde all at once.

 Emmy Collins London
                               Vest/Pinstriped Pants/Dress Shirt                                
Emmy Collins London Men's Dress shirt (check out the buttons) super!

Emmy's line is reminscent of Jimmy Hendrix, Marving Gaye, yup, soul brothers! Emmy is a natural , he was born to do this. His line boasts of sexy pieces for her with  the most daring slits one has ever seen on a dress, not to mention two toned bespoke pants/trousers for her and him . He definitely pushes the envelope without being offensive. His celebrity clientele include Jay Manuel of America's Next Top Model, Phil Colen of DEF Leppard. Yes, Emmy Collins London is a rockstar ready avante garde line.

                    designer, Emmy Collins /Emmy Collins London Plaited Shirt Dress.
To view more designs from Emmy Collins London, click here.


  1. does he sell in any of his stuff in los angeles? if yes which stores?

  2. where can i order that naija vest?


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