Friday, March 26, 2010

Russian Vogue Naomi

Naomi Campbell is my favorite supermodel. There is something about Naomi's pictures. She is a model, a muse and I love her temper.  In the  April issue for Vogue Russia , Naomi breaks yet another barrier as she is the ONLY model featured in the entire magazine for April . Dang Naomi!!!! We love ya and proud of you. She is also the guest editor for this issue. According to VOGUE Russia Editor In Chief, Aliona Doletskaya,   "I wanted to debunk a few myths surrounding Naomi. When I suggested the concept, she immediately came and for an hour and a half laid out stories, photography, interviews and other sections. Clearly, quickly and in a businesslike manner"


Naomi is still very much in love with her Russian billionaire boyfriend , Vladislav Doronin, whose net worth was estimated at $1.5billion last year. She must be making an awesome impression on the Russians. But , I mean, c'mon , she's Naomi, the beautiful muse.

Enjoy pics from April's issue of Vogue Russia, edited by the one and only , Naomi Campbell.

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