Wednesday, March 24, 2010

true love for sacco:::

Wauv!! If it's hot. I'll post it hands down. Looks like we are in  the midst of an awesomish MakeUnaTellAM momenta! . POW! Which reminds me ,we are going global. That's right. is the process of becoming a reality. Blogging is no easy task. Trust. Tons & loads of researching. I like to make it not only a blog to find what 's hot, I love to link them for ya.

Let the fun begin. I hope you have a glass of cold water or maybe wine when u look at these. Ready? ok.


I love anmal print. Every woman should have a pair ok, 2 pairs, ok more than one in their wardrobe.


loving the wooden heels. Walk with Care!

SACCO is an italian shoe line to watch out for this spring. Unfortunately it was hard to locate a website for SACCO. Rest assured, a Miami store by the name of DULCE carries the shoe line and they are really pleasant. I love the electric blue SACCO shoe with a gold anklet strap; Italian shoe makers always seem rock it when it comes to wicked shoe design. DULCE  can be contacted at (305) 361-9880 to place an order. According to the buyer at DULCE, SACCO lovers should be on the look out for  the chocolate brown design also with a gold anklet strap, very similar to the blue strappy shoes above.

These are some hot shoes. Rockable with jeans, evening gown. These shoes make a lovely , sexy statement.

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