Monday, June 15, 2009

The Cat Suit

Whoa!!!. Maybe it's the Scorpio in me,the seductress but I love catsuits. And Jessica Harris, the American designer, based in Rome, Italy created a lovely catsuit , fit for the simple but not ordinary femme. Handmade, tulle lined, stretch black lace make this an awesomery catsuit and must-have. Loving the puffed sleeves aspect of thiscatsuit.

According to Jesssica she derived her inspiration from the 80s Barbie doll. And you guessed it, this Barbie catsuit is part of her 2009 Barbie Doll collection.

And I thought I didn't like Barbie, not knowing all along, I am a Barbie. Youthful, bubbly and sensual. Love triangular puffy aspect of the sleeves to this catsuit. Its not your ordinary catsuit.

For More on sweet Jess, click here.

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