Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ankara Realized...

Jewel by Lisa is quickly becoming the go-to fashion house out of Nigeria. Founded and owned by Lisa Folawuyo, Jewel by Lisa plays with Ankara like we've never seen before. Just over three years old, Jewel by Lisa has developed a major cult following and I am one of those followers.

I simply adore the girl elegance associated with this line. The very first line Cruise Collection made it's debut in 2007. It dabbled in girl elegance which contained lots of dresses, strapless dresses, a line of bathing suits, and even cushion covers!!! A concept, I'm sure, pleased all Jewel by Lisa followers.

In 2008, JBL released it's Spring Summer '08 line which contained maxi tops made out of Ankara, but the best seller, has to be the the off the shoulder dress, made of silk and Ankara. The '08 line presented the fashion world with an embroidered Chinese style , short sleeved jacket also made out of Ankara. The '08 JBL also offers a lovely knee length dress made of silk ,with the neck bejewelled with Ankara. I love the marriage between silk and Ankara, and Lisa Folawuyo exemplifies this in the best way possible.

Yes, JBL has made a name for itself utilizing Ankara like we've never seen before and I am pleased. Pleased because in Africa, Ankara has been the step sister to wool, cashmere, silk. Finally, Ankara has been utilized as not only a quality fabric , but one of the easiest to care for and the most fashionable. It is 100% cotton, the quickest to dry and the trendiest material in Africa at the moment.

Jewel by Lisa has shown at ARISE Africa , as well as This Day Africa Rising Music& Fashion Event London '08.

For more on this lovely line please visit Jewel by Lisa here.

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