Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love with the Familiar

"I went from ‘F--- love’ to ‘Love is truly the answer,’”says Bruce Willis in the July Issue of W magazine. Bruce Willis recently tied the knot with Emma Hemming, not once but twice. The first in a ceremony on the Turks& Caicos Island and the second in Los Angeles.

According to W Magazine , these two newly weds have no qualms showing PDA..Public Display of Affection with each other. It took Bruce 10 years to find Mrs Right, little did he know his Mrs Right was Emma who was dating Brent Bolthouse. The name might sound familiar if you know a thinga thing or two about "The Hills". Apparently Mrs Pratt, Heidi worked at Bolthouse. It was a fake job. Not real.

Lucky for Bruce, His new Mrs is a relationship kind of girl, not date happy type of person like Paris Hilton who for some reason can't seem to settle with one man.

For more on this awesome couple, pick up the new issue of W.

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