Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She's got it all wrong.

Kristin Cavalleri needs a stylist and she needs one bad!!!!!And Kim Kardashian is not the caliber of stylist she needs. Kim does not rate high at all on my list when it comes to wicked style.

Fuck it! Hire Whitney Port to dress you. What is going on here? What are those shoes doing with that dress?

Matter of fact, she has no business wearing this mini. It does not compliment her body type. That's right, thin does not mean every outfit works. And her hairstyle clashes in a major way with this disastrous choice of outfit

Get a stylist stat. $64,000 per episode can't buy you style, but you can hire a stylist.

And work that freakin' carpet, don't just sit there and smile like it's high school picture time. Work that damn carpet! Take notes from those supermodels you were throwing glitter on.

Fierce self confidence is being called for here.

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