Thursday, June 11, 2009

White Seperatist /White Supremacy

I thought long and hard about this post and even speaking of it on my post. Apparently, yesterday a White Seperatist opened fire at Washington's Holocaust museum yesterday killing a guard.
The alleged shooter was James W. von Brunn, 88, an anti-semist and a white separatist. Apparently his fellow white-separatists do not agree with his behavior citing it was against any and all views held by white separatists.

Life is truly complex , especially when you have people who refuse to embrace life. What the fuck is White Separatist? According to Wikipedia, it is "political movement that seeks separate economic and cultural development for white people".

And get this most white separatist are found within christian identity groups. According to Wikipedia "Critics claim that contemporary white separatism is a public facade adopted by white supremacist".

My opinion? The critics are absolutely on point on this one.

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