Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Girl for David

David Beckham wants more children and he wants a lil' girl this time! Well, this makes sense, given that Victoria recently had a breast reduction . Could it be that she is preparing to add one more child to her brood of three boys. This is one hot papa!!!

There are numerous reports indicating that Victoria & David are house hunting in London. They own numerous properties, but apparently the trip from Hertfordshire is not convenient. So why not add another property.


  1. Love them. Posh is often to stiff for me, however. They keep smiling their way to the bank. Sigh!

  2. I totally agree, Posh seems way too stiff. Remember The "Posh Invasion" here in the US. Someone should've told her Americans are more relaxed than the English .That must've had somethign to do with the cancellation of their reality show.


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