Monday, June 22, 2009

Sexy Knit

 I fell in love with Mark Fast's knit designs , the minute I laid eyes on them .  Why not? Tastetfully designed and executed in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. The colors, omgosh. It does not get any more vibrant than this. His Spring/Summer '09 line offers vibrantly colored knit mini's like you've never seen before. Mini's are always in. So, who is Mark Fast? Well, he's just a soft spoken  Candianian, 20 something designer living his destiny and stiriking a pot of gold when it comes to inspiration well executed with organic precision .
Though only 28 years old and relatively new in the fashion industry, Mark's work has been featured on Vogue, I-D , just to name a few.

The knitting is done on a domestic machine and Mark does it all by himself,blending Lycra,Wool , Viscose. This is very innovative. To check out more on Mark's work, click here.

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