Sunday, June 14, 2009

Effortless Style

Stella McCartney's flower embroidered dress smacked the hell out my bootie . If you are looking for femme summer dress, then look no further. Designer Stella McCartney has that taken care of and in supple portions. Check out her 2010 Resort line .

Reminiscent of the 80's but of course the 2008 version. The shoulder is softer not as bold as the 80's. Thank God! I particularly love this embroidered flower sun dress Adore the belt finished in a bow. so adorable.

Femme all the way, check out her heels. so simple. sexy. good girl sexy.

Stella is set to design a children's line for GAP. Back in 2005 when Stella designed for the H&M brand and items were flying off the shelves! Pre-ordering your items is highly recommended!!!

Personally love these gray vegan legging boots shown at her Fall RTW 2009 show held in Paris .

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