Friday, June 19, 2009

NAS Speaks his Mind

N.Y. State of Mind. In lieu of his divorce from Kelis at the moment ,ever wonder how much it costs per month to live like a star? Take notes. Kelis is 8 months pregnant with their first child Allegedly NAS is trying to leave the marriage without paying up. Kelis is asking NAS to drop a whopping $80,831 a month . Hey,

According to court papers, Kelis is also asking Nas to foot a $175 per month to dry clean the babie's rugs. She also wants to preserve chord blood after the baby's birth and Nas is gonna have to pay up.

Given that Kelis at the moment makes $28,000 a month.
No such thing as bad publicity.

Click here for NAS' " You Can Hate Me", so appropriate for his wife's cash issues.

If that ain't enough NAS took to the web to speak the truth on what type of man/father he is.

"Like Chris Rock said..”All we fathers get is the big piece of chicken- if we lucky”…Moms get songs

by the O’Jays and everything!!!!! Moms deserve that love, but right now I’m shouting out to real dads.

Some are great role models with real academic achievements. Some are not. Some are no longer alive. Some fathers are locked up, but they are praying for their kids and hoping to be on the streets soon and be betters dads 1 day.

We deserve the love!!! Becuz we don’t even expect it, we do what we do regardless! With no signs of a reward for it. We put up with everything, standing true to what’s real and letting life take its course protecting our household, our woman, our children, our family. Protecting and leading a nation. Shout out to my pops, a great man! Blessings to our granddads who came b4 us who laid the seeds and the foundation….I wish every dad take a minute to look at what’s he’s done…just a minute…No need to glance too long.. Just smile.

Biggest Shout To My Son On The Way!! Salute!!!I It’s a GREAT DAY!!!"

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