Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zara...Hot New Nigerian Artist

Geez!!I've been in the diaspora for too long. 18 years to be exact. I did not know Nigerian artists were doing it like this. It appears Nigeria has produced another superstar on the music scene and her name is Zara . The name of her album is still unclear to me ,however I visited her MySpace page and was immediately hooked on two of her songs . "Su Mo Bi" & "Sunshine". These are hits in my book. "Su Mo Bi" is a wonderful mix of traditional Yoruba drums mixed with R&B. And "Sunshine" is a slow jammer, romantic piece that is sure add some spice to a romantic dinner.

Though she is Naija by heritage , Zara lives here in the U.S.

I would definitely like to hear more of the songs I mentioned on the air, but what is the likelihood of that happening?Given that popular R&B stations such as Power 106 will be too afraid to lose their audience if they started meddling in /should I say playing Afro Beats on the air. So for now, to get a taste of this Naija superstar, you will just have to settle for the link I've included in this article. It will not disappoint.

Now, if Nigeria can get its act together. There is too much potential to not make use of it. With talented artists like Zara, I'm pretty certain there are more like her. They need the platform.

I hope that you will encourage your local stations to give her music a shot if you like what you here. As always , your comments are definitely being called for here.

Have a Listen right here: Zara

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