Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Galliano 2009

John Galliano never seems to disappoint. Always bold design concepts that definitely exemplify his "out of the box" mentality. " She's a kid playing around with Hollywood glamour"says John Galliano of his new line for Resort. His theme of the line consists of mismatched jumbles of enameled Deco-like chunks, chunky drapery, skirts & dresses worn over tights.

Another Boho chic moment....

And I'm loving the use of tights. I love the bright colors as well as the sleekness of designs. My advice to all fashionistas or wanna-be fashionista's mix and match boldly and be mindful of color hues and you don't need to spend a $1000 to get this look.

And I'm loving the chunky heels.

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