Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I don't think I am the only one who thinks about the oodles of cash this chick made on "The Hills." Just recently found out she was bagging $66,000 per episode on "The Hills". MTV is just printing cash in that show. Apparently her nemesis Kristin Cavalleri is bagging $ 64, 000 per episode on the new season.

No wonder!!! No wonder this girl bought a house in Hollywood , drives a Mercedes. Wait! I'm wrong, her father is well known architect James Conrad and he happens to be the mastermind/architect behind the Laguna Beach home, Lauryn taped season 3 of "MTV's Laguna Beach".

C'mon people's $64K?? Makes my head spin. It's spinning, still spinning, a lawyer does not bag that much moola in a day ...

So.....you want serious cash. get creative and I'm not talking criminal creation. Think of a money maker, better yet a reality show and bag that money!!!!

I just can't help but to think this is all a result of having parents that support their children's ideas and this time it paid BIG to be supportive.

And now she is writing a book. Out later this month, June 16th appropriately titled "LA Candy".....i bet:)

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