Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Andy Moor ...Trance master

I love trance. It has always been very uplifting for me. Some of my absolute favorite trance artists are Arnej, David West, Nitrous Oxide, Markus Schulz, Mike Foyle, especially love Mike Foyle's "Bittersweet Nightshade". Very dreamy piece. Okay back to the topic Andy Moor, the UK native whose Marker album is superb. Only for the intense music listener, better yet the seasoned music connoisseur.

"Marker" is not for the average trance listener. It's infused with lots of drums, brass, & melodies. When you listen to it, you get sucked into the environment. You get sucked into the emptiness of life and the fullness all at once.

Stadium: http://www.last.fm/music/Andy+Moor/_/Stadium
I love it!

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