Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letting Go.

In an intimate relationship,how long do you give a deteriorating relationship to improve before you march on out? Is it possible for one partner to have more love for the other? And let's say you want end things? How do you do it?

Let's just say , the minute you decide you want to take a relationship to the next level. It's a risk. How many times have we heard of a disgruntled lover killing his/her ex spouse? A lot and it's unfortunate.

Education is very important. If we are educated to understand that all relationships serve as a mirror to our lives, sometimes our deepest fears. Fear of rejection . And because someone walked out does not mean we are not good enough. We just have work to do and some adjustments to make. Hopefully those adjustments will align us with a far better relationship. If people are taught or prepared to know that all may not work out the way we've hoped, nonetheless, it does not need to break you, breakups may not be so violent.

You don't need to be desperate. In fact everything you will ever need in life is right there with. You. You are enough.

So is there a way to walk away from an unhealthy relationship without placing yourself in harm's way? Is there a way to walk away gracefully and possibly maintain a friendship.

If you have the answer, by all means. Indulge us.

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